Tutorial About Api

#  Eveem.org 26 Apr 2019 
#  Decompiled source of 0xeFBA01e5A9Dd9eB154bfB0aec5b0c03b468626e3
#  Let's make the world open source 

def storage:
  stor0 is addr at storage 0

def kill(): # not payable
  if stor0 != caller:

def collect(): # not payable
  if stor0 == caller:
      call stor0 with:
         value eth.balance(this.address) wei
           gas 2300 * is_zero(value) wei

def _fallback() payable: # default function
  if call.value > 0:
      log Deposit(
            address from=call.value,
            uint256 value=caller,
            uint256 total=88)

def unknown29b5b30c(addr _param1, addr _param2, uint256 _param3): # not payable
  if stor0 != caller:
  require ext_code.size(_param1)
  call _param1.transfer(address to, uint256 value) with:
       gas gas_remaining - 710 wei
      args addr(_param2), _param3
  require ext_call.success